About Us

With gazillions of digital books being published every year, and an exploding number of older titles becoming available in digital format, it's never been harder for readers to sift through the clutter — or for publishers and authors to get great books noticed by new readers.

As a result, publishers have begun offering amazing deals to get their titles discovered. Former bestsellers and excellent new releases are now being temporarily offered for free or deeply discounted prices in order to spur interest in the book or author.

But these deals are usually only offered for a limited time, and until recently, there hasn't been a good way for readers to learn about all of these free and bargain books.

Out of this problem, BOOKmin was born — a free daily email for book lovers, keeping members informed about all of these great deals.

Founded in early 2012 by a team of people who have worked in book publishing, book retailing, and online media, BOOKmin has quickly become the leading daily deal email for digital books, growing to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Thank you for checking out BOOKmin, and we hope to help you discover your next great book!